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Freedom, Fear, Faith

Title:  Freedom, Fear, Faith
Author:  SA33466996
Rating: PG-13, T, FR-13
Category:  Gen, Angst
Genre:  Gen
Pairing:  None
Character:  Tony DiNozzo
Word Count: 100
Summary:  Tony wonders whether he'll ever get out of that car alive.
Spoilers:  Semper Fidelis and Aliyah
Disclamer:  All NCIS characters belong to Bellisario, CBS and Paramount.  No copyright infringement intended.
A/N:  I, for one, echoed Gibbs's words during that scene in Aliyah.  Prompted by that and also written as a response to challenge #131 'Control' for ncis_drabble 


Tony loved cars.  

Correction. He loved driving cars. It wasn’t necessarily about how far he pushed them; how quickly he overtook or whether he beat his own time.  It wasn’t even about sex, leather interiors, manual or automatic transmission. He didn’t have a preference.

It was the freedom.

He hated back seat driving; the lack of control. In the wrong hands, cars were dangerous; weapons to be feared. Akin to knives; plague-filled letters; forensic assistants; suicide bombers; IEDs and Mossad Officers wielding shards of glass.

Abruptly, Tony found himself being transferred from one lethal weapon into the hands of another.

Tags: angst, character: dinozzo, drabble, drabble: freedom fear faith, fic, prompt
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