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Head space

Title:  Head space
Author:  SA3466996
Rating:  T, PG-13, FR-13
Category:  General
Genre: Gen
Pairing:  None
Word Count:  300
Summary:  Tony's wondering about life elsewhere
Spoilers:  None
Disclaimer: All NCIS characters belong to Bellisario, CBS and Paramount.  No copyright infringement intended.

Written for and in response to this prompt from xanthe 

A/N: So it's not totally Tony/Gibbs.  I tried.


“You gotta have a dream, McGee,” Tony urged. “Even Gibbs has a dream. C’mon, some hope for the future... a wish maybe?”

“Wish you’d shut up.”

“That is not likely. Should you not concentrate on finishing your report before Gibbs returns, Tony?”

“Done, desked and DiNozzo’d, Ziva.”


“Double-checked... three times.”

“When...? How...?”

Tony smiled before turning to face McGee, “So... Probie, you ever wondered whether there’s any life out there?”

“With you, Tony, I wonder whether there’s anyone actually in there,” McGee tapped his head twice before continuing with his own paperwork from the Crowther case.

Tony ignored McGee’s bait and leant back in his chair looking up at the mezzanine. “You know, there must be someone... amongst all the stars, planets, Mars, Galaxy... the Milky Way.”

“You hungry, Tony?”

“Now that you mention it...” he patted his stomach which growled back in response.

McGee reached into his draw, pulled out a Hershey bar and threw it. Tony caught the flying candy, offering a surprised ‘thanks’ in response.

“Yeah... well, if it shuts you up for a while, I’ll take it.”

Tony grinned and ripped the wrapping from the candy. “You know, I used to dream about being an astronaut; going into space. The adrenaline rush; the countdown; lift off; heading somewhere unknown... away from everything, wondering what it’d be like to see...”

The senior field agent grunted as a hand reached out and neatly whacked the back of his head.

“Stars, DiNozzo?”

“See them every day, Boss,” Tony shifted, straightening in his seat as Gibbs rounded his desk and headed for his own workstation.

“Yeah, well if your report isn’t on my desk within five, you’ll be feeling the afterburner.” 

“Boss, it’s already...”

The not so subtle threat and deadly ‘after glare’ silenced the senior field agent instantly.


Tags: character: dinozzo, character: gibbs, drabble, drabble: head space, fic, prompt
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