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I did it! - Race for Life 2011

Well I did it. I jogged 10k around Tatton Park this weekend. Actually, I was so nervous about doing it that I did the 5k event last weekend too as a run through. 

Last weekend we had terrible weather. I got up early around 6am saw the sun in the sky and thought ‘wow, what a lovely day’. The race was due to start at 11am. At 10 O’clock the heavens opened and didn’t stop. We got absolutely soaked and it was SOOO cold. I couldn’t feel my hands or feet by the end of it. Even so, I had a great time. 

There were around 3500 people taking part in last weekend’s race. This weekend there were around 2200. Apparently last week’s event raised around £180,000 and the organisers said that (together with this week’s event) the Tatton Park participants will have raised £320,000 for Cancer Research UK. I think that’s amazing. Every little bit helps and with all the events up and down the country, they must raise a fair amount.  

Today started out cold and although it had rained earlier in the morning we were lucky and the rain stayed away. Everywhere you looked there were women in pink. Pink T-shirts, pink jackets, pink tutus, pink socks, pink hair, pink everything. I want to state now that I absolutely hate pink. I don’t do pink. Having said that, I did find myself going home with a brand spanking new 2011 Race for Life navy blue/cerise! and white T-shirt. (Not pink *g*). 

The queues for the toilets were never ending and after a mad dash from a lovely little pink! plastic cubicle on one side of the field to the other side I made it to the jogger’s section with seconds to spare before the claxon sounded and we headed off. It seems strange but although today’s race was double the distance, I actually found last week’s race slightly harder going. I think because last week we ran through fields for the majority of the course and the terrain was incredibly up and down. I’m used to running off road but not necessarily through fields. This week’s course involved running through fields, along dirt tracks and a gravelly road so I think the variation helped a lot.  Also, the atmosphere was so relaxed and the supporters were so amazing that there was no way that I wasn't going to enjoy the whole experience. I wouldn’t have said that three years ago.

I also beat my first 5k split time by 5 minutes and the second 5k split by 1 minute and ended up finishing the race in a time I really wasn’t expecting at all. I was so pleased. However, I think I’m still quite slow compared to the other runners but I really don’t care. I remembered lost friends, raised a bit of money, and got a bit fitter in the process. A win all round I think. Race for Life is certainly infectious and I’ll definitely be back for more.

PS - Thank you to everyone who encouraged me to do it. You really don’t know how much your support has meant. *Hugs to everyone*

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