SA3466996 (sa3466996) wrote,

BGT - cracking auditions

I laughed my head off at last night's 'Britain's got talent'.  Who'd have thought that snow patrol and nursery rhymes blend so well together.  Completely bonkers but so well executed. 

The impressionist Les Gibson was pretty good.  Look out for his Ross Kemp and Kevin Webster and check out Dec's reaction to one of the impressions. 

Also Razy Gogonea's matrix themed popping was incredible.

Other notable auditions for me were Pip and Buddy (very cute little puppy.  Couldn't make up my mind as to whether it didn't like the noise or whether it loved it and was just joining in with the 'pack'), Elaine Williams (whose stand up comedy fell over.  Never really stood up to be honest) and Mickey Gooch (one of those 'I can't watch this. He's going to break something' moments).  All in all, not bad.

Happy Easter to those who celebrate it.
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