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Get to the point. Time's running out (10 drabbles)

Title:  Get to the point.  Time's running out. (10 drabbles)
Author:  SA3466996
Rating:  Ranges from PG-13 to FRM
Category:  Various including general, hurt/comfort, angst, friendship and humour
Genre:  6 Gen, 3 slash, 1 het 
Pairing(s):  Slash - Gibbs/DiNozzo. Het - DiNozzo/Jeanne 
Character(s):  Various including Gibbs, DiNozzo, McGee, Jeanne, Mike Franks and mentions Jackson Gibbs.
Summary:  See individual drabbles
Spoilers:  Various including S2 - SWAK, S5 - Internal Affairs and Judgement Day, S6 - Last Man Standing and Agent Afloat, S7 - Inside Man, Outlaws and In-laws, Faith and general spoiler for upcoming ep Flesh and Blood/Bone
Disclaimer:  NCIS characters belong to Bellisario, CBS and Paramount. No copyright infringement intended.

  I had a go at the drabble/ficlet challenge that lil_jeikaylashay and taylorgibbs did.  You choose a fandom, pairing or character, switch your mp3/music player to shuffle and then write ten drabbles based on the next ten songs that come up. You can use the title, lyrics or just the mood of the music for inspiration and you are supposed to complete each drabble in the time it takes for the song to play. Needless to say, I failed on two and went over the time limit.  So I suppose I can't really count them.  But I tried.  I’ll let you know which ones so you can head slap me when/if you get to those. I haven’t kept to the usual 300 words max rule either. Honestly though, I had great fun with these. 

Fandom was NCIS and I ended up with six gen drabbles (all feature Tony in some way or another), three slash (Gibbs/DiNozzo) and one het (DiNozzo/Jeanne).  

There are also references to various episodes including S2.22 SWAK, S5.14 Internal Affairs, S5.18-19 Judgement Day, S6.01 Last Man Standing, S6.02 Agent Afloat, S7.03 The inside Man, S7.06 Outlaws and In-laws, S7.10 Faith and one drabble which involves a general spoiler for the upcoming S7 ep Flesh and Blood/Flesh and Bone.

Ratings: Most are T/PG-13/FR15 although one is rated FRM for language.



1.         Stay with me. Based on ‘Roads’ by Portishead (5:09). Summary: Life is slipping away from one of the team. 


Team. Gen. Hurt/Comfort/Angst. PG-13. 285 words.

He always knew help was on the way. He just didn’t know who would get to him first. When he’d managed to call it in he’d registered the concern in the voice on the end of the line; concern which gave way to a controlled business like, ‘Stay with me.’ He’d blacked out a few seconds later; how long for was anybody’s guess. His head was pounding and blood tracked between his fingers as he pressed loosely against his side. 

As he heard the sirens in the distance he managed to draw strength from that voice in his head; the voice that wouldn’t let him give up. The same one that taunted him, believed in him - even when he didn’t believe in himself. Sucking in a deep breath, he pressed bloodied fingers more firmly against the gaping wound. As warmth spread out across his back he began to realise the implications.

It wouldn’t be long now, he thought as the previously light blue walls of the basement office space turned a dirty grey and his peripheral vision began to blur. The pain wasn’t so bad now. Closing his eyes, he tried to listen for any indication that the team were any closer. If he could just hang on until they arrived maybe he stood a chance.  

Nothing. Silence. He couldn’t hear anything. Maybe there was nothing to hear. He should be able to hear something... unless he was...  

Pain lanced through his side and he moaned, trying to push away strong hands which were pressing down hard on his right side.

“How’s he doing?”

“Lost a lot of blood, Boss. But he’s back. EMTs?”

“Two minutes. Keep pressing, DiNozzo.”

“C’mon, Probie. Stay with me.”


2.         The man they loved to hate. Based on ‘Creep’ by Radiohead (4:21).  Summary: DiNozzo tries to figure out his role within the extended team. 


DiNozzo. Gen. Angst. PG-13. References to S7.03 The Inside Man. 301 words.

Tony always knew the right time to get out of a situation. He’d moved on a lot. Sometimes because he’d wanted to - like when he got a promotion, when he fancied a change or when someone had made him an offer he couldn’t refuse. Other times he was pushed. Felt like he didn’t belong; had run his course and couldn’t understand where he fit in. He’d been trying to understand where he fit in to the extended team for the past six months. Perhaps he never should have left the Sea Hawk. While he hadn’t exactly enjoyed life afloat, at least he knew how he fit in. Being the man everybody loved to hate wasn’t exactly what he’d joined NCIS for. Nevertheless, it was a role. He’d felt special; known what he was there for and done what he was there for. Most importantly, on a day-to-day basis, he hadn’t been used as a pawn in other people’s political chess wars. He’d been his own boss, managed his own workload and hadn’t felt like he was biding time until something happened or someone screwed someone over and he was needed as the fall guy.   

Felt a lot like that now. What was it with Gibbs lately? How come getting him and McGee out of trouble with the local LEOs was beyond Gibbs’s pay cheque? Yet the same man had allowed him to put his neck on the line and travel half way across the world to catch the terrorist he’d thought had been responsible for killing Ziva. He knew he wasn’t indispensable but did Gibbs really think so little of him that he couldn’t make a call? Why d’he have to let Vance handle it? 

Would they really miss him if he left? 

Well they were about to find out.


3.         The Mark. Based on ‘Mean old man’s world’ by Jools Holland and the Rhythm and Blues Orchestra (4:21). Summary: What was going on in Tony’s head when Jeanne asked him that question outside the elevator in ‘Internal Affairs.’ 


DiNozzo/Jeanne. Het. Angst. PG-13. References to S5.14 Internal Affairs. 251 words.


He needed to say it. That none of it was true and she hadn’t meant anything to him. Jeanne had to get on with her life – without him. However much it hurt. However much he wanted to scream and shout at the top of his voice that ‘Yes, he’d loved her’ and ‘Yes, it had been real.’ To show her that he’d meant every word of it and she wasn’t just ‘the mark.’ 

She’d changed him back then. Made him think about his future; their future - whether he could be an agent and have a family. Could he put a family... his flesh and blood... through everything that came with his job? Could he have asked her to commit to that; knowing he could go to work one morning and not come home in the evening? Was it fair for Jeanne to have to carry that burden? 

But all that was back then, at a time when they’d curled up together on the couch in her front room and he stroked her tangled hair, comforting her as she’d talked of families crying in hospital corridors; kids asking when their mothers or fathers were going to come home, and detectives keeping vigil by their partners’ bedsides. No, he couldn’t have asked Jeanne to take all that on. Not then. Not now. Better to be cruel and mean; harsh and swift. Take the pain now.  

And so, faced with the ultimate question, Tony did what he had to do. He lied. 



4.         Come Undone. Based on ‘Come Undone’ by Robbie Williams (4:38). Summary: This time DiNozzo doesn’t want an audience.  


DiNozzo. Gen. Angst. FRM (for language). General spoiler for upcoming S7 ep Flesh and Blood/Flesh and Bone. 174 words.

Crap. This was not how it was meant to happen. Tony kept his distance from the older man and purposefully kept his expression neutral. Strained relationships were one thing but the team had a particular history of strained paternal relationships; first Gibbs, then Ziva. His, however was the mother of all strained relationships. He did not want to do this with the rest of the team watching. They were all too eager to see him struggle. He didn’t want an audience watching him as he succeeded in failing to impress the man who – during his childhood - had always been impossible to impress. He certainly didn’t want them offering paltry insincere advice on matters they knew nothing about. No – fuck them all. He was not doing this. Not now. Not yet. Maybe not ever.  

The case was as good an excuse as any. It may seem cold to the rest of the team, but this awkward relationship he had with his father had lasted well over twenty years. It could last a little longer.  


5.         Coasting. Based on ‘Run’ by Snow Patrol (5:54). Summary: Tony needs a reason to stay. Will Gibbs deliver?


Gibbs/DiNozzo. Slash. Angst. FR15. 453 words. 


A/N: Okay, I admit it. I went over time on this one. Really sorry. *ducks head slap*


His ass was numb. Sitting on the basement steps for over two hours watching Gibbs as he worked on the boat did that to his ass. 

Truth was he didn’t want to move because if he did it meant he’d probably never sit on those same steps again. His bag was packed and already in the trunk of his car; the letter–hand written–in his jacket pocket. All he had to do before he finally left, was to put it on the kitchen table where Gibbs would find it in the morning.  

“Going somewhere?” 


“Simple question, Tony,” Gibbs stated, putting the sanding block down and turning to look him squarely in the eye. 

Tony swallowed. He should have known. Gibbs always knew everything. “Any reason to stay?” 

Gibbs took a step towards Tony. “We’re not at work, Tony. Not gonna make you do anything you don’t wanna do.”

“So what you’re saying is that you’re giving up. I’m not worth fighting for?” 

“Do you think you’re worth fighting for, Tony?”  

After a pregnant pause, Tony shook his head in disbelief. “Doesn’t matter what I think. Never has really, has it?” Tony raised himself up from the step. “Okay, I’m done. I’m gone. I’ll collect the rest of my things next week. As for work, Owens is looking for a new Team Leader. Asked if I was interested. Said I’d think about it. Thought about it. I’m saying yes. It’s time. I’ll work whatever notice I need to.” Tony turned to go and started up the steps.  

He’d almost reached the top when he felt a strong hand grip his right arm spinning him round to face two steel blue eyes. Blue eyes that easily penetrated his protective layers; blue eyes that could have him scrabbling for his backpack in an instant; blue eyes that Tony often glimpsed studying him closely after each and every difficult case. Blue eyes that shone with concern as they looked at him now.  

“I know.”   

The soft voice startled him somewhat. “What?” 

“I know... about the job.”  

“How? No. Wait, I don’t want to know. Just tell me you didn’t set this up. You didn’t suggest me to Owens, Gibbs. Because I don’t need that. I can get my own job. I’m not completely incapable, despite what the rest of them think.” 

“I didn’t suggest you to Owens.” 


“He asked for you. Told him it was your decision.” 


“Been coasting, Tony. You do your job; can’t fault you.  Don’t want you to go...” Gibbs stated, relaxing the grip on Tony’s arm. “But you need to,” he added. 

Tony cocked his head on one side and snorted. “Right.” 

“Doesn’t mean you have to leave though.” 


6.         Bailing him out. Based on ‘The Riverboat Song’ by Ocean Colour Scene (5:00). Summary: Tony wishes Gibbs would graduate. 


DiNozzo, Franks. Gen. Angst. PG-13. References to S7.06 Outlaws and In-laws. 190 words.

There it was. Trouble. Up ahead. It was always the same. Misinformation. Misdirection. Inconsistencies. If Mike just told the truth up front instead of trying to go solo and then get Gibbs to come bail him out every time - dragging the whole team into the process - then maybe people wouldn’t keep on getting hurt. He knew—more than most—the pull, the ties, the loyalty afforded by student to teacher during those difficult times where he had to trust implicitly but ask no questions. But it was often said that there comes a time when the student has to graduate. The student becomes the teacher. Gibbs needed to let go of his misplaced loyalty, as did Tony. It was time for both of them to move on; graduate.  

Easier said than done, he thought as he stood there, slowly unwrapping the mint from its packaging.  

Out of the corner of his eye he watched as an uneasy looking Franks schooled his expression and reassured his family that everything would be okay. Maybe this time things would be different and they’d all come out the other side unharmed. Maybe. 


7.         Comfy leather chairs. Based on ‘Try a little tenderness’ by Otis Redding (3:52). Summary: Small gestures go a long way.    


Gibbs, DiNozzo. Gen. Friendship. PG-13. References to S7.10 Faith. 481 words.

AN: This is the other one that I went over time on. Again, I’m really sorry. *ducks another head slap*

Twenty hundred hours. He really ought to go home. Get something to eat. Sleep. Check in on his dad at least. Gibbs rubbed at his tired eyes with the heels of his palms and then raised his head to look across the bullpen. The light from the desk lamp lit up his second’s face and Gibbs suddenly realised how tired his senior field agent looked. Normally he’d be well aware of all his team, their physical and mental states but he’d been preoccupied of late. He’d worried about Ziva’s divided loyalty. Abby’s disappearance had rocked them all. His father. Gibbs hadn’t looked at Tony recently. Really looked.  

Studying him now, he knew that things weren’t okay. Things weren’t fine and dandy with his senior field agent. They’d all been through a lot these past 12 months. Tony too. Some of it his own doing; some of it forced upon him. But that was Tony’s job. And it would continue to be his job. He looked tired though. Thinking about it, Tony had lost that sparkle in his eyes, the cheek in his voice. It was easy to miss the almost inaudible sigh in response to an order or a half hearted—and oft whispered—‘Yes Boss’ instead of the usual ‘On it.’ 

Something was troubling his agent but Tony wasn’t one for long winded conversations – at least not when he was sober. Usually, at this time of year, he’d try to take DiNozzo’s mind off his thoughts and onto the job by piling on the work. Tony didn’t seem to mind. He’d complain to the others but it was all an act. Or so Gibbs thought. Maybe it was time for a change.  

“DiNozzo,” he called across the squad room. 

“Almost done, Boss.” 

“Go home. Get some sleep. Go... hook up.”   

Tony hesitated but then began powering down his computer and packing away his things. Gibbs took a moment to bow his head and rub his eyes a second time, waiting for his own desktop to shut down but on looking up found Tony standing in front of his desk.

“There’s a bar. Not far. Comfy chairs, low music. They do all kinds of bourbon. I’m buying.”  

Gibbs contemplated the offer. He didn’t want to dismiss Tony’s gesture, but he was concerned about his dad back at the house. 

“We can pick him up,” Tony offered. “Comfy leather seats remember. Leave your car here. I’ll drive.”

 Gibbs smiled. Not bad, DiNozzo. “Okay.”

“C’mon, Gibbs. You could do with going somewhere other than your basement. Those steps are not comfy. They’re cold. Jackson shouldn’t have to—”

“Tony! I said okay,” Gibbs interrupted before his second could say anything he might regret later. “I’ll let him know we’re on the way. Go on,” he said, rising from his chair and ushering Tony towards the elevator. “Go get your car.” 

“On it, Boss.” 


8.         Forgive or forget?  Based on ‘X & Y’ by Coldplay (4:33). Summary: Would Gibbs forgive Tony? Or would he just forget?


Gibbs/DiNozzo. Slash. Angst. FR15. Takes place between S6.01 Last Man Standing and S6.02 Agent Afloat. References to S5.18-19 Judgement Day, S6.01 Last Man Standing and S6.02 Agent Afloat. 214 words

Four months on, standing on the metal walkway of the Sea Hawk, Tony looked out across the ocean at the distant remnants of the setting sun. He longed for home, but this was the deal. This was his lot and he had to find a way to repair the damage he’d done if he was ever going back to D.C. again instead of floating from carrier to carrier.  

Even though he’d been relieved to hear the words back then, he’d always questioned how Gibbs could forgive so quickly. He couldn’t, surely? And although the decision to send him afloat hadn’t been down to Gibbs, the man hadn’t done anything to stop it. What could he have done though?  Demand Vance reconsider splitting them up? Throw his coffee across the room? Stamp his feet? What good would it have done? Perhaps a little more time and distance would be good for them? That had always worked where his father was concerned. A little distance might help Gibbs figure out what he wanted from Tony. Would Gibbs ever want him back on the team? McGee and Ziva were back in D.C., yet here he was, still stuck on this floating tin can. Would Gibbs ever want him to come home? Would he ever want him again? 


9.         The tradition. Based on ‘Telephone and rubber band’ by The Penguin Cafe Orchestra (3:55) (Music was used in a telephone advert in the UK and also featured in the film ‘Talk Radio’ if anyone is interested). Summary: Tony liked Christmas traditions.


DiNozzo. Gen. Friendship. PG-13. References to S2.22 SWAK. 285 words.

Tony had been stuck on the end of the phone for 45 minutes, trying to order Gibbs’s Christmas present. He couldn’t use Amazon or the internet anymore – not since some unfortunate soul had arranged for a mechanical purring black and white cat to be delivered to the office instead of his home. Wow... the security alert that had caused at the front desk when the neatly wrapped, previously inconspicuous, brown cardboard box had suddenly started purring.  

Hmm, internet shopping was definitely out now that Amazon was on the list of blocked sites. So here he was, stuck on the end of a phone, ringing a 24 hour hotline, trying to order a box of honey dust. And it had to be delivered to his home address. He already had the plane and, of course, the customary bottle of Jack that he gave Gibbs annually. They were wrapped and ready to go. The honey dust he gave as a joke. He’d done it every year since he found out that he, or the postal service, had managed to mix up his ex girlfriend’s Christmas present with Gibbs’s bottle of Jack a few years back. It had become an unspoken rule; a custom to be observed at Christmas time. Gibbs was consistent too. Tony always got the same in return. A DVD followed by a gentle slap to the back of the head, a genuine smile from Gibbs, and a ‘Merry Christmas, DiNozzo!’ It was tradition; something he’d learned to appreciate.  

Which was why he was where he was now; still stuck at work, hanging on the end of the phone waiting for the... 

“Thank you for holding. All our customer reps are busy at the moment...”


10.     How big is it? Based on ‘Handsome Man’ by Robbie Williams (3:56). Summary: Tony wants to know how big Gibbs really thinks it is.


Gibbs/DiNozzo. Slash. FR15. Spoilers for S7.10 Faith. 219 words.

Gibbs lay on the bed, his fingers carding gently through Tony’s freshly washed hair. Tony’s eyes had momentarily drifted shut and Gibbs felt him relaxing under his touch. It had been a long couple of weeks, and both of them had missed those precious times when they could just lie there together, not talking, just being. It was peaceful. Gibbs liked peace. Quiet. 

“D’ya think I’m fat?” Tony asked suddenly, his eyes snapping open. 

Gibbs raised an eyebrow and looked directly at Tony. 

“I’ve put on weight over Christmas, haven’t I?” 

“Just Christmas?”

Tony fell silent once again. Gibbs waited but continued his slow methodical sweep of fingers through soft brown hair. There was obviously more to come. 

“Bubble butt. That’s what you called me just before Christmas. What now? Balloon butt? How big is it?” 

“Not sure,” Gibbs ventured.  “Turn over.  Let me look.”  

Tony turned over to lay on his front and promptly yelped as Gibbs planted a firm hand square on his backside. 

“Looks and feels just fine to me. Maybe a little extra wobble,” Gibbs replied, grinning as Tony pouted and rubbed his butt. “If you’re really worried, you could always take the bike out with me tomorrow.”  

“Nah, think I’ll pass. I’m not that desperate,” Tony retorted, ducking his head out of harm’s way.




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