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Master list of fics

Most of my stories to date have involved Gibbs and DiNozzo and tend to be narrated/ written from a Tony point of view.  When I write, I prefer to see them as mentor/ mentee where their friendship goes slightly beyond that of colleagues (i.e. really close friendship at times; going above and beyond the call of duty but pulled back to strictly colleagues when needed).  In that way I can view their friendship in both gen or slash terms.  It's all in the subtext really. 

Disclaimer: None of the NCIS characters are mine. All NCIS characters belong to Bellisario, CBS and Paramount and no copyright infringement is intended.



The Onion

Post 'Boxed In' exploring DiNozzo's feelings following the revelation that he hadn't been invited to Ziva's dinner party, and Gibbs's attempt to get him back on track.
Post Boxed In, Season 3, Gibbs/DiNozzo, Gen, Angst, Hurt/Comfort, 7 chapters.

Word Salad

Sometimes it wasn't what you said but what you didn't or couldn't say that really mattered. DiNozzo has a ‘chat’ with Abby. Sequel to The Onion.
Post Boxed In, Season 3, DiNozzo/Abby, Gen, Angst, Hurt/Comfort, 3 chapters.

Weekend Duty

Tony went AWOL. Gibbs wants to make sure it never happens again. After ordering him to work the weekend, Gibbs finds out a little more about his senior field agent and Tony finds out just how big that second 'b' is. Sequel to The Onion and Word Salad. Theme – Control.
Post Boxed In, Season 3, Gibbs/DiNozzo (a little Ducky and Abby), Gen, Angst, Hurt/Comfort, 10 chapters.

Four penguins and a crime scene

It's Gibbs's third ex-wife's wedding anniversary. Throw in a dead petty officer, a smug McGee, an over-confident DiNozzo and four penguins - trouble ahead? You bet there is.
Set post Weekend Duty but stand-alone really, Season 3, DiNozzo/Team, Gen, Humour, One-shot.


Anthony’s Weakness

Tony’s hurt by a flippant remark that Gibbs made. He's doing some thinking. Contains hints of Tony's possible past and references to the physical abuse of a child.
Tag to Caged and lead into Broken Bird, Season 6, Gibbs/DiNozzo, Gen, Angst, Hurt/Comfort, 4 chapters.

Thanks for noticing, Boss

Gibbs reads the lists Tony wrote in Anthony's Weakness.  Anthony makes a decision that has a profound effect on his working relationship with Gibbs. 
Pre and during Bounce, Season 6, Gibbs/DiNozzo/Abby, Gen, Angst, Friendship, 7 chapters



If only he could see.  If only she could be heard.
Post Twisted Sister/Pre Blowback, Season 4, Shannon/Team, Gen, Family, One-shot.

Hit me Boss, one more time!

He hadn't had a head slap in months. He really wanted one. Why wouldn't Gibbs give him one?
Set during Road Kill, Season 6, Gibbs/DiNozzo, Gen, Angst, Hurt/Comfort, 2 chapters.

12 slaps for Christmas

Abby gets festive, the team back her up... Gibbs gets wound up. Poor Tony! A song... a slap... and a slice of silliness!
Season 5, DiNozzo/Team, Gen, Humour, 5 chapters.


Tony receives a summons and fears his world is about to fall apart.
Post Knockout, Season 6, Vance/Gibbs/DiNozzo, Gen, Angst, Friendship


Tony safe-words during a session with Gibbs
Set post Pyramid, Season 8, Gibbs/DiNozzo, Slash, Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Warnings: Power play and D/s themes but nothing explicit

Behind Closed Doors - series of one-shots all involving the same location but different characters and/or time periods.  Not in chronological order.  Some episode related. Some AU.  Inlcudes:

Not Caring

Tony's thoughts in the elevator before he comes face to face with Trent Kort in the squad room in Bury Your Dead.
Mid Bury Your Dead, Season 5, DiNozzo, Angst 


Change can be such a drag for Probie.
Pre series, Gibbs, Franks, Gen

Dead man listening

Gibbs talks and Tony listens following the events in the bar in 'Dead Man Talking'.
Missing scene in 'Dead Man Talking', Season 1, Gibbs/DiNozzo, Drama, Friendship


Don’t look back

Prompt from Kaylashay81 - Breaking up is hard to do.
Post Judgement Day, Season 6, DiNozzo, Gen, Angst, 150 words.

Head space

Tony’s wondering about life elsewhere. Prompt from Xanthelj - Tony/Gibbs featuring a well deserved head slap or the hint of something more spanky.
Post Season 2, DiNozzo/Team, Gen, Angst, 300 words.

Freedom, Fear, Faith

Tony wonders whether he’ll ever get out of that car alive.
Set during Aliyah, Season 6, DiNozzo, Gen, Angst, 100 words.

His gut

On a stakeout, Gibbs and DiNozzo are more alike than they'd care to admit.
Gibbs, DiNozzo, McGee, Gen, Angst, 300 words.

Warm and dead

They're not dead until they're warm and dead.
DiNozzo, Gen, Angst, 300 words.

Just talkin' 'bout my Gibbs

Alternate scene for Model Behaviour.  Written as a response to the prompt on Kaylashay'scomment fic meme - I'm not trying to cause a big sensation, I'm just talkin' 'bout my Gibbs.
Set during Model Behaviour, DiNozzo (with a little Abby), Gen, 478 words.

Time's running out - 10 drabbles based on an iPod ficlet/drabble challenge:

1. Stay with me.  Based on 'Roads' by Portishead (5:09).

Life is slipping away from one of the team.
Team, Gen, Hurt/Comfort, Angst, 285 words.

2. The man they loved to hate.  Based on 'Creep' by Radiohead (4:21).

DiNozzo tries to figure out his role within the extended team.
References to S7.03 The Inside Man. DiNozzo, Gen, Angst, 301 words.

3. The Mark.  Based on 'Mean old man's world' by Jools Holland and the Rhythm and Blues Orchestra (4:21).

What was going on in Tony's head when Jeanne asked him that question outside the elevator in 'Internal Affairs.'
Spoilers S5.14 Internal Affairs. DiNozzo/Jeanne, Het, Angst, 251 words.

4. Come Undone.  Based on 'Come Undone' by Robbie Williams (4:38).

This time DiNozzo doesn't want an audience.
References to S7 ep Flesh and Bone, DiNozzo, Gen, Angst, FRM (language) 174 words.

5. Coasting.  Based on 'Run' by Snow Patrol (5:54).

Tony needs a reason to stay.  Will Gibbs deliver?
Set during S7, Gibbs/DiNozzo, Slash, Angst, 453 words.

6. Bailing him out.  Based on 'The Riverboat Song' by Ocean Colour Scene (5:00).

Tony wishes Gibbs would graduate.
Set during S7.06 Outlaws and In-laws, DiNozzo, Franks, Gen, Angst, 190 words.

7. Comfy leather chairs.  Based on 'Try a little tenderness' by Otis Redding (3:52).

Small gestures go a long way.
Set post S7.10 Faith, Gibbs, DiNozzo, Gen, Friendship, 481 words.

8. Forgive or forget?  Based on 'X & Y' by Coldplay (4:33).

Would Gibbs forgive Tony?  Or would he just forget?
Set between S6.01 Last Man Standing and S6.02 Agent Afloat, Gibbs/DiNozzo, Slash, Angst, 214 words.

9. The tradition.  Based on 'Telephone and rubber band' by The Penguin Cafe Orchestra (3:55).

Tony liked Chirstmas traditions.
References to S2.22 SWAK, Set a few years later, DiNozzo, Gen, Friendship, 285 words.

10. How big is it?  Based on 'Handsome Man' by Robbie Williams (3:56).

Tony wants to know how big Gibbs really thinks it is.
Spoilers for S7.10 Faith, Gibbs/DiNozzo, Slash, Angst, 219 words.


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